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K Days Food Coma

K Days, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - July 26, 2018

Edmonton is more often known for it's freezing winter temperatures than it is for much else, but the summers here are definitely amazing! And one of the better things that we are known for is being a city of festivals, as we've got some of the best food and entertainment around the world!

One of the annual exhibitions that's fun for all ages and all tastes is K-Days (formerly known as the Edmonton Exhibition, Klondike Days, and for a few years was even called Capital Ex). There's seriously something for everyone: awesome rides (ranging from the uber tame for the faintest of heart to the most extreme and scary jawdropping rides for the thrill-seekers, and everything in between), plus bouncy castles, a kids train, carnival games - including my personal favorite - the water shooting one - I came home with a giant stuffy as all fair-goers should ;-)

There's also delicious food, face painting, beer gardens, live music, and more! This year they even had some SuperDogs showing off in a WaterBark show! A must-see for the dog lover in your life ;-) These adorable canine acrobats were doing long jumps into a pool amongst other tricks :-)

But the food, OMG the food. If you're a food wh*** like I am, K Days is definitely the place to be :-) I only wish my stomach was as big as my eyes were last night! There are food trucks lined up all across the fair grounds. And don't forget to check out inside the Expo halls for some delicious local food vendors. There's something for everyone: huge racks of ribs, vegetarian stands, stuffed burgers, stir fry's, all kinds of poutine, corn dogs, flavoured lemonade, root beer, cookie dough burritos, and practically anything deep fried that you can think of: Mars bars, chicken, onion rings, even deep fried coffee!

We started the night off with deep fried cheese curds, which are absolutely amazing! (Cost $10 for a tray, $20 for a bucket) If you're a cheese lover like I am these are not to be missed!

Then we had to give the kangaroo stuffed burger a try - even though it took us forever to find the burger truck lol (the food map wasn't overly accurate - we had to ask guest services where to find it!). (Cost $15) The burger was interesting - the first couple bites all I could taste was the beef (it's kangaroo meat stuffed inside a beef burger) and then the next couple bites I definitely got a taste of the kangaroo - it's hard to describe, it definitely didn't taste like chicken, had a tiny bit of a gamey taste to it but not overpowering - you'll have to try it for yourself ;-)

Next up was a Malaysian Peanut stir fry from SaltSpring Noodle Bar (and we almost tried their "pho-rrito" (pho wrapped in a burrito) as well but we wouldn't have had room for dessert!). Just the right mixture of veggies, chicken, sauce, and noodles!

The show stopper for the night, however, was the Tin Lizzie mini donut truck - cuz dayum - we started with the Red Velvet mini donuts (Cost $7.50) (almost a dozen little red circles of joy balanced on a stick then drizzled with a delicious cream cheese icing) - which were delicious on their own but paled in comparison to the main dish: cheesecake mini doughnuts with a white chocolate drizzle. Now these were on the pricey side - you only get 3 of them for $10, but hot diddly were they ever worth it. Little bites of deep fried cheesecake mini donut heaven. They were so good I forgot to take a picture before we mowed down on cheesecake-y donut-y goodness. I'm tempted to drop another $20 for the entrance fee just to go back tonight and get more! (I won't, but I'm tempted ;-))

Anyways, that wraps up our delicious food coma inducing evening, if you haven't had a chance to check out K Days I highly recommend it - this weekend is your last chance - until next year!

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