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Semana de la Moto / Motorcycle Week Mazatlan

Semana de la moto (international motorcycle week) is a very fun festival in Mazatlan, where thousands of motorcycles from all over the world arrive in the masses upon the city. While the noise is a bit much for some, (and the occasional accident that occurs during the week is terrible), the events during the festival are a ton of fun!

Mazatlan's music scene never ceases to please, and this week proved to be one of (if not the) best I've attended. The week featured all kinds of music, from rock to traditional Sinaloan music to ska and much more.

It kicked off Wednesday night with a free concert at the Plaza de la Moto, in between the old Sam's Club and Sharp's Hospital. La Rezaka, a local favorite, was on the bill for the evening (among a few others).

Some activities (the bikini contest for example) took place at Joe's Oyster Bar, and a few of the non-advertised bands played at Sumbawa. It was hard to tell from the schedule of events what was happening where, but for the most part the beach related activities took place at Oyster, and most of the bands and the motorcycle activities occurred at the Plaza.

Thursday night brings us another local favorite band (as well as one of my personal favorites), Adiccion Sinfonico, as well as La Vox and Jonky Nash y Los Gangsters, among others.

Friday night brings back to the stage the amazing and talented La Rezaka. Cristina's voice never ceases to dazzle the crowd!

Saturday night was the biggest day/night of the week, full of bikini contests and the Motorcycle Parade / Magno Desfile, while evening brought us the most popular non-local band, La Maldita Vecindad (as well as La Rezaka and a few others).

Traffic came to a near halt at many times during the day, but especially later in the evenings when the streets were packed full of people partying and dancing the night away! It was faster for me to walk from the Golden Zone to the Moto grounds than to take a pulmonia or taxi!

Image courtesy of Hotel Playa Mazatlan

Thursday and Friday afternoons gave me the opportunity to watch some of the freestyle riders and the stunt riders, these guys are awesome! And a bit crazy in my opinion hahajaja!

Some of the evening entertainment was amazing!

The motorcycle parade on Saturday afternoon/early evening is not to be missed! Everyone on two, three, and four wheels + converged upon the Malecon to show off their style!

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